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Message-Centric MLS

A modern messaging & showing experience for the messaging-centric MLS, Agent Inbox facilitates communications within context, integrated into any vendor, and with all the data needed for a transaction.

Direct Line To Support Agents

Agent Inbox gives local MLSs and Associations direct access to message and provide customer support to agents. Staff can assign tickets, view relevant agent data, and integrate external services needed for success.

Up and running, like magic

Get set up by just connecting your data feed and MLS vendor. Agent Inbox’s automatic data capture gets every agent, brokerage, listing, and detail automatically entered and organized - no need to manually enter a thing.

Agent Inbox works with all MLS vendors and can be integrated into any additional product in your market. Set-up takes days, not months. Plug it in and add seamless communication and scheduling into any product.

Easy for Everyone


We want to handle every single problem and support request


In app, webinars, in person, on calls, videos, we do it all


No upfront cost, with an easy integration in days, not months


Collateral out of the box, ready to go, and actually useful


When almost all agent-to-agent communication happens outside the MLS’s systems, MLSs struggle to keep agents protected.

Stop managing disputes from old text messages and disjointed email to figure out what happened or what went wrong. Agent Inbox securely maintains a compliance audit trail of all messages, scheduling, and events, time-stamped, and stored forever.

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