Teams and Brokerage

Supercharge Your Team Communication & Showings

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Connect everyone and turn ideas into action

Create a knowledgeable and collaborative community, powered by your real estate data. From brokerage wide messaging and schedules, to team conversations, keep everyone in sync.

Make a channel for a team, new listings, coverage, marketing, training, or anything.

Collaborate and share everything: listings, links, files, photos, and documents.

Convert opportunities into sales

Leave private messages in the thread for your teammates to collaborate in real time, discuss showings and transactions, and answer difficult questions together.

Move deals forward faster. Focus on converting showings into sales by replying to common questions with saved replies that can be quickly accessed by anyone on the team.

Start relationships and transactions right
and seamlessly schedule with everyone.

Manage showings with the support of a front desk, assistant, or team.

Easily set the most complex showing instructions on auto-pilot with listing rules and templates

Log calls, contact sellers, and add notes with a simple click of a button.


Keep your brokerage compliant. Never dig through old text messages and emails to figure out what happened or what went wrong.

Maintain a compliance audit trail, as the showing and message thread history is secure, time-stamped, and stored forever.

Reach and be reached

You can always get through to the people you need right away. Across desktop, tablet, or mobile, search your brokerage-wide directory to send showings and messages directly to another person or to a small group of people for more focused conversations.

Modern brokerages rely on effective showings & communication

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